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@Night X Hotel

Pick up the pace again after the troubling times that have influenced your hotel chain. 

Let your hotel become a location for a BAN event and let your hotels be seen and experienced. Retrieve more attention and more future hotel visitors by working together with Business at Night. 



Hotel ingenuity.

After times of corona you have maybe not been able to use your location as much for physical moments of meeting-up. 

Business traffic has come to a slower pace but we create the opportunity to pick up the pace again. In consideration with you, we use your location and use the help of your staff to cater and receive business owners and their desired target clients. Together we organize a BAN event at your venue to create an evening of experience and opportunity for businesses to meet-up with decision makers. Not only will this be perfect for our clients, but also for you as a hotel to position and promote yourself. Your inspiring location will be highlighted and retrieve more future hotel visitors or inspire more companies to have business meetings at your hotel.  


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We as Business at Night are constantly looking for a partnership with hotel locations. We are aware of the ambiance that hotels give and the possibilities in terms of location, decoration, service and experiences to a business event. Being able to work together with inspiring locations will be beneficial for both parties. Setting up fixed dates with a hotel venue who is in collaboration with us will create more opportunity to keep improving our business events and also help your hotel boost its offering.


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