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@Night X HR

Make sure your new account manager has the kickstart it needs or make sure you hire people who will also be permanently of value to your company. How can you tell in the most effective and scalable way? In real-time.

About the options. 

When you want to hire new employees as for account managing, it is important to know who is most suitable for the position. How do you do that best? By seeing them in action in real-time. After you have selected 10 or 20 potential new employees, you can immediately see them in action at an event and see how they approach decision makers.

New employee selection.

New employee kickstart.

The moment you have hired a new employee, you can kickstart your new employee career at a BAN event. Only the decision-makers you want to focus on come to the event and this way your new account manager can immediately establish new relationships with potential customers, and furthermore, convince.

Luxurious Office


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