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@Night X Matchmaking

We are aware of the concept of a trade fair in which it is already implemented that businesses and their target market meet face to face. We want to extend this magic even further by using the evening after the trade fair as an opportunity to create an even closer connection. 


Business fair services.

Business fair services is a platform that sits on your public platform dedicated to serving decision-makers the best product experiences. The at night extension of your event ensures that you serve your clients marketing and branding purposes but also zoom in on their direct sales attempts. You will be enabling your customers to use the full potential of your audiences and at the same time select a premium experience for their sales employees where they will meet up, talk and connect with data verified prospects. 


What BAN does for you?

We zoom in, invite and escort to your event the most high-value target audiences through a personalized pre-event journey. We personally perfect your guest list by selecting the high-value audience for your event. The day trippers or the branding seekers will be filtered out to create an evening filled with potential buyers. We integrate an engaging night to only get the decision-makers in the position to hear the story personally and furthermore, buy.

Trade fair ingenuity.

We are different because with our concept we create an extra layer of client retrieval. We create beneficial value for both the trade fair owners and the trade fair exhibitors.

Benefits for trade fair exhibitors.


Extend your efforts in the evening with a more narrowed down group of visitors who are willing to get down to business. At night the decision-makers will get to know you even better as the day trippers and the branding seekers are filtered out. Make a personal connection in the ambiance that the evening brings to excel and close the deal. 


Benefits for trade fair owners.


Integrate a BAN event to establish trade fair ingenuity. Be one of the first trade fair locations in which you provide trade exhibitors another opportunity for a deeper connection at night. Full of exciting and engaging activities to enhance customer experiences. We as Business at Night are constantly looking for a partnership with trade fair locations. Being able to work together with inspiring locations will be beneficial for both parties. Setting up fixed dates with a trade fair venue who is in collaboration with us will create more opportunity to keep improving our business events and also help your trade fair boost its offering.

Engage F2F with our modular program at night and jump the cold sales hurdle. We engage with customers through a language they understand, by showing innovation and service from day one. Our Rideshare strategies are focused on actively joining buyers in their journey towards your solution. From informing them why they should accept your meetup offer to funnelling the in-person connection.  ATNIGHT X understands faster and identifies more accurately where your prospects are today and what interests them.

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