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The 1 on 10  business experience
platform built on AI 

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AT Night 




Are you looking for a way to reach more clients and increase your sales? 

Business at Night will give you the boost you need. Not only are you meeting potential new clients at Night, but you will also be receiving the insightful information you need to keep growing. Besides new clients, we make it possible to retrieve lost clients by creating the right setting at Night to re-inspire and convince. 

Meeting Face-to-Face through AI prospecting


All the key stakeholders that are important for your quarterly turnover are at one table simultaneously.


- At every event, decision-makers can discuss professional affinity among themselves.
-You know in advance which products specific properties you should focus on at our experiences because you know which groups will be present.
-Because you know who will be present, you can focus on your visiting audience as a participant at our event.

-BAN has a unique system in which we can screen every decision-maker for added value for your acquisition. We do this with our algorithm that tests if a decision-maker is interested in one of your products or services in the short term. This same algorithm ensures that the decision-makers are picked up from home and brought home.

Data collecting.

Data is what you tell us, so for example, you have a CRM file with customers that you want back. Therefore we offer a strategic advantage, because what do you do with customers that you would like as a customer but that you cannot get at the moment. How do you get in touch with them?

We ensure that you receive project information about your customers at an early stage of development. By means of a survey, people are screened to ensure the quality of decision-makers.
We look at data of who you want to meet and at data of customers you have lost or have approached a lot. Thereafter we create a list of people you want to meet and we are going to approach them to find out who is interested in meeting you.
With the use of cold and warm data we perform marketing and go to lengths faster and more efficient for increasing your chance at sales improvement. 

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@Night X

Get you 10x more than what you? With AT Night X, we invite 10 decision-makers specifically for you. At this event we promote multiple businesses who all want to meet the same target group but for a different product of their specialism. In this way you are together with other businesses who are in the same league of quality which will elevate your worth.

If you have all expensive cars, you would not put them next to cheaper brand cars. In that way you let it seem to decrease its value. At this car shop the target group which is attracted are customers who are in the same segment, but the car brands will not compete with each other. They have their own qualities shown to the customers and the same happens at AT Night X.


We built scalable customer acquisition experience platforms. Focused on meeting with decision-makers through data driven shared experiences.

AT Night X Matchmaking

We are aware of the concept of a trade fair in which it is already implemented that businesses and their target market meet face to face. We want to extend this magic even further by using the evening after the trade fair as an opportunity to create an even closer connection. 


Business fair services.

Business fair services is a platform that sits on your public platform dedicated to serving decision-makers the best product experiences. The at night extension of your event ensures that you serve your clients marketing and branding purposes but also zoom in on their direct sales attempts. You will be enabling your customers to use the full potential of your audiences and at the same time select a premium experience for their sales employees where they will meet up, talk and connect with data verified prospects. 


What BAN does for you.

We zoom in, invite and escort to your event the most high value target audiences through a personalized pre-event journey. We personally perfect your guest list by selecting the high value audience for your event. The day trippers or the branding seekers will be filtered out to create an evening only filled with potential buyers. We integrate an engaging night to only get the decision-makers in the position to hear the story personally and furthermore, buy.

Trade fair ingenuity.

We are different because with our concept we create an extra layer of client retrieval. We create beneficial value for both the trade fair owners and the trade fair exhibitors.

Benefits for trade fair exhibitors.


Extend your efforts in the evening with a more narrowed down group of visitors who are willing to get down to business. At night the decision-makers will get to know you even better as the day-trippers and the branding seekers are filtered out. Make a personal connection in the ambiance that the evening brings to excel and close the deal. 


Benefits for trade fair owners.


Integrate a BAN event to establish trade fair ingenuity. Be one of the first trade fair locations in which you provide trade exhibitors another opportunity for a deeper connection at night. Full of exciting and engaging activities to enhance customer experiences. We as Business at Night are constantly looking for a partnership with trade fair locations. Being able to work together in inspiring places will be beneficial for both parties. Setting up fixed dates with a fair trade venue that collaborates with us will create more opportunities to keep improving our business events and help your trade fair boost its offering.

Engage direct F2F with modular trade fairs at night and jump the cold sales hurdle. We engaging with the customer and join them in their buyer's journey. Understanding where they are today, we provide what information or action they need and how we can help them move forward in their decision-making. 



AT NightX Hotel

Black Sky

Our programs enable users to target, Invite and

get new customer insights while meeting prospects

in person 

Collect & Enrich strategic data to enhance sales team performance by enabling your team to be first present at new business opportunities


We make it easy to connect with hard-to-reach Target Groups through matchmaking AT Night 

Our programs enhance prospect databases with new valuable data to Excel & Acquire more Sales

Merge Your Sales Intelligence with Business experiences creating new opportunities to Connect & Excel. 


Black Sky

Create high ROI funnels and
automate e
Xpanding in

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Pick up the pace again after the troubling times that have influenced your hotel chain. 

Let your hotel become a location for a BAN event and let your hotels be seen and experienced. Retrieve more attention and more future hotel visitors by working together with Business at Night. 


Hotel ingenuity.

After times of corona you have maybe not been able to use your location as much for physical moments of meeting-up. 

Business traffic has come to a slower pace but we create the opportunity to pick up the pace again. In consideration with you, we use your location and use the help of your staff to cater and receive business owners and their desired target clients. Together we organize a BAN event at your venue to create an evening of experience and opportunity for businesses to meet-up with decision makers. Not only will this be perfect for our clients, but also for you as a hotel to position and promote yourself. Your inspiring location will be highlighted and retrieve more future hotel visitors or inspire more companies to have business meetings at your hotel.  


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We as Business at Night are constantly looking for a partnership with hotel locations. We are aware of the ambiance that hotels give and the possibilities in terms of location, decoration, service and experiences to a business event. Being able to work together with inspiring locations will be beneficial for both parties. Setting up fixed dates with a hotel venue who is in collaboration with us will create more opportunity to keep improving our business events and also help your hotel boost its offering.


@Night X HR

Make sure your new account manager has the kickstart it needs or make sure you hire people who will also be permanently of value to your company. How can you tell in the most effective and scalable way? In real-time.

About the options. 

When you want to hire new employees as for account managing, it is important to know who is most suitable for the position. How do you do that best? By seeing them in action in real-time. After you have selected 10 or 20 potential new employees, you can immediately see them in action at an event and see how they approach decision makers.

New employee selection.

New employee kickstart.

The moment you have hired a new employee, you can kickstart your new employee career at a BAN event. Only the decision-makers you want to focus on come to the event and this way your new account manager can immediately establish new relationships with potential customers, and furthermore, convince.

Luxurious Office


Black Sky

Sales experienced an improvement in lead quality follow up

Our marketing clients experienced a reduction in digital spending on reaching  decision-makers

More in-person contact with new buyers that turn into customers

192 %

344 %

3 X

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1        10TM

Black Sky

Our 1       10 programs 
convert mobility experiences into prospect meetings with your target Market On-Request.


1      10 sends 10 rideshares to 10  prospects to experience your solution presentation from 7 PM till 10 PM. Enter a new scalable world where you meet up exclusively with 

high-interest professionals at night.


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Business Team
Business Team
Business lady
Business Meeting
Business Man
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Business Woman
Person in suit
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At night our program helps you follow up on your leads at a less busy moment. We personalize your pipelines with Rideshare matchmaking.


AT Night drives higher buyer engagement by connecting supply & demand in person. Our program gives you a competitive edge by creating commercial meetings while enabling users to track and monitor audience attendance. We allow you to present your solutions to only verified and valuable professionals of interest.


MIdeal Event prediction ideal food prediction vegetarian or pescatarian. presentatie van data ingangen en mogelijkheden ivm alg creëren. Aantonen dat de data op meerdere manieren is te vergaren en te gebruiken ivm onderhandelingen positie Uber    ///. linked meetups send a redeshare events request and by accepting you have a 100% meetup send specific professions and demography and create high impact meetups and experiences
safe energy time gass emission. in this days an age that professionals work from house and have minimal one week free a week.  We create and load custom events at any location to create scalable cost effective events.
Our locations are partners of the rideshare service provider and business at night. 

Group query results by asking targets one time if this is interesting for them? Pop push through rideshare provider.

Match & Rideshare
Business Meeting
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