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Get personal with key decision makers

Your prospects are sitting home with no plans at Night


Drive & Connect buyers through enjoyable rideshare eXperiences as part of your solution journey strategy

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Direct connection with valuable buyers to 
position your salesforce closer to 


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We form effective sales strategies from key account management to stimulating growth with indirect sales partners. ATNightX focuses on enhancing your buyer's first product experiences

We excel in personal marketing strategies in combination with lead qualification tactics, making sure you are putting the right potential customers into your sales funnel,

One of the most exciting stages in sales development is entering a foreign market. Our programs cut penetration time in half, by creating the right personalised b2b journey 

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Refine target markets by in-depth identification and localising of decision makers through rideshare networks. We introduce new markets and prospects to your solutions and create interest in your company's solutions

We deliver highly detailed insights with clear rapports, containing information about your target-market interest in products and services, after and before in real-time.

Our communication centre makes contact with your decision-maker and explains your solution offering. We create your personal platform for 1 X 10 presentations

Guide buyers to any X location in one
automated workflow 


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Artificial intelligence functionality has permanently transformed the form and function of guided selling capabilities. Our platform assists sellers with In-person connections and improves acquisition execution. We combine target data with rideshare AI to connect solutions and sellers when it matters

Get personal with strategic prospects whether you generate ideas, conduct research or are a solution seller trying to find quality trading partners.  Our programs give you an unmatched competitive edge


Rideshare          Sales Meetings 

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New sales Employees

Kick start

Quick sales success for a new account manager. We will help them with targeting prospects and create an innovative look for your company, service and new manager. 

Did you lose a important client? We will retrieve your customer by

highlighting the benefits of your company. Starting with reintroducing the strengths of your company towards your lost client.


Lost Client Retrieval


New Markets

Don't know where to start in a new market? Why not start with a night event showing your added-value and present your company at Night.

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Zero-Emission Connections with your Target Customers 

Rideshare and connect with your new buyer based on metrics that revolve around their personality, corporate preferences and solution interests

Optimize your sales funnel and harvest the full potential of your day with Rideshare prospecting that creates in-person F2F connections with valuable prospeX

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Present solutions in person when there is time to adapt new ideas and solutions.  Approach your new buyers using metrics based on preferences such as hobbies and  preferred locations to trigger in-person meet-ups that drive revenue

Overcome geographical entry barriers like industrial complexity and infrastructural conditions by including rideshare presentations with AT NightX

Collect fresh data from prospects engaged in our rideshare journey through in-vehicle guest interactions. Generate valuable data from your ideal prospects, and get informed about their short-term challenges and business process priorities

Engage with prospects and warm them up for your solutions through productive meetings at night

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Match success rate


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