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Get personal with key decision makers

Your prospects are sitting home with no plans at Night


Drive and Connect by enjoyable Business Class rideshare eXperiences as part of your solution journey strategy

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Direct access to valuable buyers to 
drive your salesforce closer to 


Customers are moving at increasing speed across all channels to achieve their goals. In a new world of mass automation AT NightX focuses on using 5g mobility technology to enhance the B2B buyers eXperience. We help companies to form effective sales strategies in all channels, from key-account management to indirect sales partners.

AT NightX  local and personal marketing strategy in combination with lead qualification tactics, make sure you are putting the right potential customers into your sales funnel, laying the foundation for a successful rideshare campaign.

One of the most exciting stages in the sales development is entering a foreign market. Our programs cuts penetration time in half, by  creating the right b2b journey based on rideshare personal mobility data. Popular locations like restaurants and trends are smootly implemented in your personal AT NightX program.

Our solutions help companies to refine target markets by in-depth identification and localising of decision makers through rideshare networks. We introduce new markets and prospects to your solutions and create interest for your companies solutions. Our users overcome geographical entry barriers like industrial complexity and infrastructural conditions by

including rideshare presentations with AT NightX

Collect fresh data from prospects engaged in our rideshare journey through in-vehicle guest interactions. Generate valuable data from your ideal prospects , and get informed about their short term challenges and business proces priorities. We deliver highly detailed insights with clear rapports, containing information about your target-market interest in products and services, after and before  in real time.

Our communication center makes contact with your decision-maker and explains your solution offering. We create your personal platform for a 1 X 10 presentations

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Guide buyers to any X location in one automated workflow 



1.  Target geograpical location

2. create prospect Profile

3. Select a local available solution Experience at Night

4. Upload company artwork presentation and program

3. Send Rideshares and Simplify present solutions to professionals that would take months

to reach

Match            Rideshare.

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Artificial intelligence functionality has permanently transformed the form and function of guided selling capabilities. As a B2B sales organisation, we help sellers improve sales execution by adding data and AI-based guided selling to their business strategy.



Select prospects based on data and  meet up


1            10

- Simplify

+ Amplify

X Multiply


AT Night

Strategize your meetups with the best prospects

Moon up with buyers interested in your solutions by engaging with target audiences at night. Excel in prospect acquisition and increase your physical presence in global markets.



Choose any location or use an available experience that our Rideshare partners offer and AT NightX creates the right ecosphere for productive interactions while meeting new buyers 

NIGHT X metrics that lead sales to new contracts


We inspire our client's network, because a corporate relation will always consider your solution. We focus on new market prospects turning our client's new customer strategy into productive acquisition meetings. The focus of our program is connecting your organization with the right people at the right time.


Consistent ROI starts with continuous in-person

meet-ups with decision-makers on our Rideshare X CRM program. Let us reinforce your corporate sales channels and deliver orchestrated product experiences & meetings with the right buyers. We boost your pipeline on demand.

Rideshare and connect with your new buyer based on metrics that revolve around their personality, corporate preferences and solution interests. Meet your buyers in person at a time of the day when there is time to adapt new ideas & solutions.  Approach new buyers based on metrics about their hobbies and personal preferences to trigger in-person meet-ups that create revenue.

Filter target group data and convert opportunity signals into an automated prospect meeting

program that introduces you first and in-person to

high-value prospects.


Flow Chart.

Rideshare X

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Good afternoon. Are you interested in Enterprise Cyber Security Solutions?

At Night X 
Rideshare, Prospects and create experiences

Create personalized solution meetups based on your target market preferences. Offer your new buyers rideshares and simply present your solutions and close the deal. 

X 10
High-value matchmaking

We match commercial professionals with strategic prospects, spanning finance, business and government professionals — whether you are generating ideas, conducting research or finding trading partners, we give you an unmatched competitive edge.




Create a high-value funnel
at night and moon up with 10 of your most valuable prospects at Night

Black Sky

Personalize your target customer's journey through cumulative solution 

eXperiences At Night

Bridge the gap between communicating with target audiences online to in-person

Real service from real people Our customer service teams, available 24/7, will help you fully leverage the deep information, analytics, data and invitation capabilities of Rideshare X. Call or message Business at night customer support, and you will be in touch with a live person instantly.


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