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We create personalized solution connections with your target market based on personal prospect preferences

Choose an experience

List & Inspire

Top Professionals with Rideshare X 

Rideshare X creates solution experiences with

high-value prospects you select.


Our program sends a personalized invitation through our partner rideshare providers' interface. Together we filter, build and segment your account and lead lists to match your ideal customer profile. 


We set date & time with your salesteam in person where and when you are ready to meet.

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From data to a signed contract

Aqcusisition prgram


Rideshare X connects market participants based on professional preferences processed through data, analytics and information delivered by sales professionals.


We are revolutionizing how you connect with prospects by creating platforms that help companies build better product presentation strategies. Focus with Rideshare X on connecting your organization with the right people at the right time.

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Trading solutions

Business at night helps brands meet up with targeted professionals. Rideshare X delivers unparalleled conference, events and experience possibilities integrated into one place and delivered in real-time to your desktop or mobile device.

High-Value Networking
We connect you with a strategic network spanning finance, business and government professionals — whether you are generating ideas, conducting research or finding trading partners, it gives you an edge.

Real service from real people
Our customer service teams, available 24/7, will help you fully leverage the deep information, analytics,

data and invitation capabilities of Rideshare X. Call or message Business at night customer support, and you will be in touch with a live person instantly.



B2B Rideshare Matchmaking




More acquisition costs saving

MHR/ NEw employee/ seasonal low sales boost

More time saved by letting our strategy get the work done faster

Real-time update on prospect data and attendance of decision-makers


AT NIGHT metrics that lead sales into prospect meetups


Match & Rideshare.

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Present & Rideshare.

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Present & Rideshare.





Your target prospects receive a Rideshare proposition to attend your experience by clickable email link.


Integrate CRM with 

a Rideshare provider

Monitor visitor attendance live and make easy audience adjustments to your strategic meeting at night. 


Invite, Optimize

and Meet-up

Rapport, analyze

and follow up. 

Rideshare X enables you to follow up on your leads' robust pipelines with high ROI and engagement.  Using Rideshare X able to track and react on program tracks in  1 on ten meetings allowing you to present your solutions to only verified and valuable professionals of interest.


Our Meetups at night help professionals to

select & connect with any valuable decision-maker. Our database gives you new preferred customer insights & data about your market investment priorities. 


AT Night X enables your prospects to experience your solution features more efficiently, effectively & fun.

Get total governance across your in-person lead, after or before you send them to your marketing automation or CRM system, and you’ll ensure they are validated, standardized, and compliant.


Ensure you meet every high-value lead in marketable, actionable, and compliant. With Rideshare X, governance is easy. Simply route all high-priority leads through Rideshare X Governance Engine and our system Informs, Invites and creates tailor-made Meet-ups depending on your budget specifications.

Get in our Ride and let's talk Sales


WHY            WHO               WHEN            WHERE

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Got Questions?
Let's Moon-up! 


At Night X, we believe that business development has more room for speed at night. With empty streets, Electric Vehicles can use their full potential and your target audience is free, why not use it? We build acquisition experiences and events using rideshare networks to connect companies directly with potential buyers & partners. Our program limits variables in your sales & marketing processes by matching sellers & buyers  when there is less traffic and more time for action.

Send your best Prospe    
a rideshare Invitation

AT Night        engages with your audience through push notifications while informing users with acceptance & attendance analytics data

Send your target Buyers an offer to experience your solutions in person.

Communicate your MEET UP proposition directly through the APP of our Rideshare partners

Transform any location in your visinity to a 

Keep track of your new business meetings through a simple Management Interface push on  BUTTON REACH

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BY API         SMS         EMAIL        



Automate connecting with high-value buyers by predetermined metrics verified through Target Group queries. AT Night X enables you to create in-person connection funnels. Our programs make it easy to target decision-makers by leveraging prospect data with green mobility capabilities.

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